Studio ATM


Apartment 207- St. Konstatin and Elena

  • ·Functional solution

The layout solution aims to improve the quality of living in the housing unit. The existing functional areas - an entrance hall, a living room, 2 bedrooms and a bathroom with a WC are preserved, and the focus of the reorganization of the design is placed on creating a more cozy and comfortable living space.

The bedroom and the living room locations are changed, and thus the entrance hall leads directly to the living room. Another advantage of the architectural solution is the functional separation of the day area from the nightarea. The design solution aims to arrange appropriately the vast space and less comfortable area. The main bedroom and the living room are partially separated by a wall and a sliding door. Each of the utility areas has a dual function. They are designed to function together as one single place and yet are separated from each other.

Only the bathroom and one of the bedrooms remain fully separated. The ceilings in the entrance hall and the main bedroom are lowered, thus the higher ceiling is in the living area.

The heating and ventilation hideaway systems are part of the basic furnishingin the apartment and thus is created a comfortable environment without interfering with the room” s aesthetics.

  • ·Materials used

The materials used in the interior solution are vinyl flooring with wood effect, solid wood, white MDF-mat, decorative white bricks, ceramic tiles and acrylic paint - white, gray and blue.