Studio ATM


  • ·Functional solution

Day Bar – the area is positioned at the main entrance. Along the left side of the bar is arranged a seating space, 30 cm above the ground level, achieved by two steps in order the space capacity to be optimized and maximum beneficial use of the space to be obtained, allowing arrangement of separate corners. On both sides of the walkwaythere are two-seat and four-seat tables, separated by open wooden partitions. A raised seating area is arranged in front of the windows with access to the terrace.

The free-standing bar has a modern style with lower and higherseating options. Behind the bar is positioned a work station, a floating wall bottle display shelf, a fridge and the air conditioning system. Sliding doors are provided so that the area around the bar at the end of the working day can be closed. When in open position, the sliding doors stick to the wall behind the second door. Two TV sets are positioned in two different locations in the bar in order maximum visibility to be achieved from all seating areas.

Reception area - the existing functional areas are preserved - the reception area and the soft sitting area. They are arranged as follows: front desk – on the left side of the main entrance, waiting area – on the right of the main entrance. A long walkway between the two areas is created. The reorganization of the space aims at providing a more comfortable feeling of the spacious and elegant atmosphere. The architectural design solution of ​​separating the three main functional areas is also imbedded on the ceiling by the application of different materials. Thus, the walkway line is clearly defined and emphasized. A major advantage of the newly-built front-desk area is the larger customer service space.

Apartment - The location of the existing functional areas remains in the same- the entrance hall, the living room, the bedroom and the bathroom with the toilet. The aim of the renovation is more comfortable and cozy space to be delivered. The areas with the utility facilities provide more options. They are designed to function together as one space, however, they are actually separated from each other. This effect is achieved by decorative design with partition elements which eliminates the feeling of small and depressing areas.

The entrance of the apartment leads to anentrancehallproviding a visual contact with the living room and the bedroom. Only the bathroom remains completely separated. The ceilings in the entrance hall and in the bedroom are lowered, and only in the living area there is a higher ceiling.