Studio ATM


The main objective of the project is the existing fountain to be reconstructed by renovation of the tiling and waterproofing materials of the basin, as well as a new configuration of the nozzles and lighting to be installed. These changes are designed to shape a new modern look of the space in front of the National Theater. The new materials and products used feature modern appearance and high quality and durability. The shape and dimensions of the concrete basin are preserved. The outside granite lining remains preserved as well as the board hoods made of massive granite.

The sides of the boards inside and outside the fountain are cleaned to a solid foundation, the unevenness is fixed, and the concrete is treated with a repair solution - leveling mortar. New cement mortar is applied in order the water-supply and sewerage installation, as well as the electrical installations to remain hidden.

Two-component elastic waterproofing is applied to the mortar, and cement adhesive or similar substance is applied for fixing the tiles. All board hoods are joined, polished and impregnated. The existing concrete pedestal under the statue is lined with gray polished granite without joints. The floor and the walls inside the pool are lined with ceramic tiles. The selection of the color of the tiles is in accordance with the general perception of the surrounding space. The nozzles and the lighting are installed on the finished ceramic flooring. A construction of a new underground shaft for pumps will be carried out and a dashboard and water meter shaft will be installed within the boundaries of the green areas around the fountain.