Studio ATM


The main objective of the project isthe fountain to be reconstructed by renovation of the tiling and waterproofing materials of the basin, as well as by installation of a new configuration of nozzles and lighting. These changes are designed to give a new modern look of the entrance area of the South Park. New materials and products used featurea modern vision and high quality and durability. The shape and dimensions of the concrete basin are preserved. The concrete boardhas beenreconstructed by application of concrete 20 cm in height, which equals the width of the concrete board. The purpose of this renovation is the level of the fountain to be adjusted to the newly applied paving at the entrance area of ​​the park.

The project includes clinker tile facing of the outside fountain board with the same material as the one for the hoods (the clinker is impregnated with water-repellent coating). The sides of the concrete boards inside and outside the fountain are cleaned to a solid foundation, the unevenness is fixed and the concrete is treated with a repair solution - disperse reinforced, polymer modified SBS leveling mortar.

New cement mortar is applied in order the water-supply and sewerage installation, as well as the electrical installations, to remain hidden.

A two-component elastic waterproofing (Thoroseal FX 100) is applied to the mortar, and Agrob Buchtal/cement adhesive/ Flextrum (Plaster 93 Flax) or similar substance is also applied. The outside lining is with clinker tiles, the old granite hoods are replaced with clinker elements in the same color as the one of the lining. Two rows of cement clinker tiles in the same color are applied under the hoods. All hoods and clinker linings in the basin, that are in contact with water, are impregnated with Lithofin Linofin or a similar product. The floor and the inside walls of the fountain are lined with ceramic tiles -/Agrob Buchtal/Basis 2 505 grau, 20/20 cm, light gray in color - or a similar color. The choice of thecolor of the tiles follows the modern design solution of the overall style and the color of the separate elements (white) follows the colors of the surrounding environment. The nozzles /Oase/ and the lighting /Oase/ are installed on ceramic flooring.