Studio ATM


The project deals withconstruction of a building complex with mixed functionality - administrative-commercial and hotel functions, underground garages and outdoor parking lot and auto-repair services unit.

The existing buildings nearbyhave been also considered regarding their location andheight.

The architectural design solutionfocuses on the creative development of the property in terms of volumes - different number of floors (4 or 5 floors) andcreating an attractive exposition zone of the plot on two levels, facing the ring road Okolovrasten pat. The administrative and hotel areas form the vertical accent of the complex. A bypasswill provide the necessary maneuvering distances for large-scale vehicles. The business and visitor areas are separated from each other.

Functional type: Administrative and commercial complex "King Long Bulgaria"

Year: 2008

Location: city of Sofia, Lyulin - extension

Status: Project delivered


-FA - 1180 sq. m

-TFA- 4585 sq. m