Studio ATM


The concept of the architectural design includes a construction of a service-administrative unit that fits into the existingbuilding environment, ensures the preservation of the existing buildings and creates a balance between the newly designed Road assistance center of the Union of Bulgarian Motorists /UBM/.

The Road assistance center consists of a ground level and first level, with a cornice elevation +8.40 m. The car entrance and car exit are from "Momkova Banya" Str., allowing free maneuvering and safe access to the adjacent street. The expected number of employees is 12 people.For guests and employees will be designed additional parking spaces - total ground parking spaces -14.

The architectural design solution in terms of volumesolutions features a building compositionwith a modern vision that fits into the surrounding green space thanks to its innovative shape, unobtrusive colors andmodern facade materials. The building consists of a small underground level, comprising installation units, a ground level and first level, all of them connected by vertical construction section - staircases.

Location: Sofia

Year: 2007

Status: Delivered

Functional type: Service-administrative base


- FA - 496.05 sq. m

- TFA - 1045.58 sq. m