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This detached house is located in the southwest section of a large plot, with the main entrance on the northwest side of the house, overlooking a residential neighborhood street. In the northeast, the property borders the bed of a river. All the regulatory neighboring distances requirements have been met. The cozy atmosphere of the house is enhanced via a spacious yard,in the northeast section of the plot, which provides a lovely panoramic view towards the southern slope of the mountain.

The single-family house is situated on a sloping terrain with natural surface drainage to the river bed.

The architectural design features the typical mountain environment of the area since thesingle-familyhouse wasbuilt at the foot of the Balkan Mountains/northern slopes of Stara Planina Mountains. The roof was made of four single slopes, terraced in order a better functional separation of the accommodation zones to be achieved.

The building design follows the southwest-northeast axis, thus providing a view towards the river and a wonderful panoramic view towards the southern slopes of the mountain. The construction features shape that provides a feeling of tranquility and visual unobtrusiveness. This is why heavy construction volumes were avoided, and each facade was designed with clear details and the construction was realized with natural materials – timber coating, stone plinth and white finish mortar. The functional organization of the interior and the panoramic windows add more charm to the house.

The building was fully developed at one level. At elevation +0.00 are located

four bedrooms, each with ensuite bathrooms; a living room with a spacious terrace with a barbecue; a kitchen and a dining room, connected to the living room, sanitary facilities (a WC, a washing machine, a closet and a boiler room). On the southwest side of the plot there are two covered parking lots, a garden storage and a firewood storage niche.

Functional type:

Family house




The town of Lesidren


Project delivered


FA- 249.57 sq. m

TFA - 249.57 sq. m