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The apartment hotel complex is located on a terrain above the town of Bansko, near the road to the ski slopes. The area offers very good transportation options: a close distanceto the ski runs and ski facilities, which makes the area an attractive destination during the winter season. The beautiful mountain scenery and panoramic views to the mountain and the town of Banskoare another feature that sets the hotel complex among the best properties in the region.

The uneven reliefof the terrain allows a modern technology design with terraced volumes and a dynamic vision of the roof slopesof the construction, correspondingto the relief of the nearby mountain peaks. The beauty of the nearby forests and the hotel attractiveappearance and functionalitymake every vacation a memorable experience.

There arean underground and ground parking lots with appropriate number of parking spaces for guests and visitors.

The architectural design of the entire building complex is harmonized with the surrounding mountain landscape. The shapes of the building provide a sense of tranquility following the natural identity of the area.Heavy volumes in the construction aredeliberately avoided, and each facade has an attractive vision due to its fine details, natural materials, vertical and horizontal arrangement and panoramic windows. The vision of the hotel is in harmony with the nature and gives the complex a unique appearance, which creates a landscape accent on the territory of the whole region.

The building consists of three sections. Each section is a four-story building /elevation cornice - 13 m/ and is creatively incorporated in thesteep terrain.

The functional areas include:

• apartment area

• recreation and spa area /spa with indoor pool/

• restaurant with 130 seats

• conference facilities

• entertainment facilities

• office area

• utility facilities

Functional type:

Apartment Hotel




town of Bansko


Project delivered


FA - 1713.27 sq. m

FTA - 11960.26 sq. m