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In terms of the architectural design,residential buildings for seasonal occupation belong to construction type 4. The apart hotelis located in the village of Shkorpilovtsi 35-40 km south of the city of Varna and 94 km from the city of Bourgas. The resort features the most beautiful eastern slopes of the Balkan Mountains, covered with coniferous and deciduous forests.

The terrain does not have many steep slopes, which provides a convenient walking and car accessto the property. There arean underground and ground parking lots allowing enough parking spaces for owners and guests.

The architectural approachto this project is in line with the lowland and maritime character of the area. In terms of volume and space,the design solution of the building complex aims at achieving tranquilatmosphere and access to the amazing views to the mountain. Any heavy volumes are avoided, and each facade is shaped with clear elements, constructed from natural materials, and with appropriate vertical and horizontal construction and panoramic windows. The building complexcarriesits own uniqueness and thespirit of the sea and the mountain which makes ita memorable feature of the area.

The building complex consist of 5 floors, including the ground floor, and has the following functional arrangement:

• residential area

• entertainment area

• office area

• utility area

This makes it possible for each individual owner or guest to spend a pleasant time during their vacation or choose to live there permanently.

Functional type:

Apartment Hotel




town of Shkorpilovtsi


Project delivered


FA - 955.95 sq.m

TFA- 6601.71 sq.m