Studio ATM


The plot is a regulated landed property RLP XIV – 3968 and XV - 3968, district 86a, town of Kostinbrod, located at the corner of Yordan Yovkov Blvd. and a newly built street.

The building consists of three semidetached blocks: block "A", block "B" and block "C". Block "A" is a three-storey building /cornice 10 m/. Block "B" is a five-storey building /cornice 15 m/, and in the semidetached part adjoined with block "A" it has three storeys. Block "C" is a four-storey building /cornice 12 m/.

All the building blocks have a shared underground parking with a capacity of 39 parking spaces and entrances from the newly built street. The building has a power substation located in the basement which has an independent access from the street.

In architectural aspect, in terms of the volume space solution and favorable positioning, the building complex benefits from its position on a corner plot and features a distinctive accent by following the silhouette of Yordan Yovkov boulevard and stands out with its contemporary vision, unobtrusive colors and modern construction materials. At the back of the plot is created an adjacent green space, accessible through additional entrances to the residential area. All levels are connected by vertical communication system–a staircase and an elevator, block "B" and block "C" have basement facilities with underground parking lots and storages, shops and a residential area on the ground floors. In block A there is a "showroom" on the ground floor and offices on the upper floors.

The main residential accommodations are facing south and east-west, benefiting from the favorablegeographical directions. The offices are facing north-south direction.

Each of the accommodations has its own storage in the basement.

The architectural design of the project meets the requirements of the investor and creates an optimal harmony of attractive look of the building and functional living area.

In the context of contemporary architectural visionand requirements, the total architectural solution of the volume proves to be an excellent realization as a combination of external expression of the main idea and the internal organization of the living and office area.

Functional type:

Residential and Office Building




the town of Kostinbrod


FA - 1097.45 sq. m

TFA - 6212.98 sq. m