Studio ATM


The two identical single-family houses are located in the middle of the plot.The main entrance is facing southwest, overlooking a residential neighborhood street. All the regulatory requirements for the building lines, regarding the borders of the plot and between the two buildingshave been met. On the south side of the plot is positioned a yard providing a beautiful panorama view to the northern slope of Vitosha Mountain.

The houses are situated on a steep terrain with natural surface drainage to the bottom of the plot.

The plot is situated at the foot of the Vitosha Mountain (northern slopes) sothe design of the buildings follows the mountain features of the plot. The roofs of the houses have the same construction and comprise two single roof valleys with a common ridge.

The shape and orientation of the plot allows the buildings to be oriented along the south-west-northeast axis. This orientation provides a beautiful panorama view of the southern slopes of the mountain. The design of the architectural volumes follows of the functional solution of the layout. Each facade board is designed with specific details andpanoramic windows and all the materials are natural - timber roof cladding, stone and white roof coating.

The buildings are constructed on two levels. At elevation +1,50, the entry level, on a covered parking, are located two garages – one garage for each house. They are provided with a warm connection passage which serves as entrance halls of the houses.

In each house, at elevation +0.00, are located the living room, the kitchen and the dining room, connected to each other, the bathroom of the living room, a study with ensuite bathroom and a boiler room. At elevation +3.00 there are three bedrooms and two bathrooms with toilets. One of the bedrooms /the master bedroom/ has a separate bathroom. The other two bedrooms /children's bedrooms/ have a shared bathroom with an entry from the hallway. Each of the children's bedrooms have a terrace. At the top semi elevation +4,50, connected to the patio, is located the laundry room,suitable for hanging clothes.

Location: the village of Bistritsa