Studio ATM


This single-family house is located in the middle of a large plot, with a main entrance on the southwest side, overlooking a residential neighborhood street. All the requirements for the building lines are met. The carefully designed spacious landscaped gardens, facing north - northeast, southeast and southwest, reveal a spectacular panoramic view to the southern slope of Vitosha Mountain and the city of Sofia.

The design of the building corresponds to the mountain character of the venue, as it is situated at the foot of Vitosha Mountain /Southern slopes of Vitosha Mountain/. The roof is composed of three single slopes (one of them is over the covered pool). The slopes are terraced which provides a better functional separation of the respective zones. The architectural solution of the volumes is realized via a picturesque spacious composition that corresponds to surrounding mountain area.

The design of this single-family house is oriented in direction of the northeast-southwest axis, and thus provides a view to the beautiful panoramas – towards the southern slopes of the mountain and towards Sofia city. The composition of the bedroom space is highlighted and is positioned on elevation + 3.20 - the timber lining corresponds to the natural environment of the holiday village. The aim of the design is to provide maximum incoming daylight and sunlight in the rooms and to reveal the pleasant view of the two open panoramas to the north and to the south. Each facade board is shaped with clean details, natural materials – timber coating, stone plinth and white finish mortar.

In order the architectural design to match the steep slopes of the terrain, the land development design of the building is made on four levels - one level below the elevation of the residential neighboring street /functional solution for service equipment/and three levels with residential accommodation on the upper floors.

At level -1 (elevation -2.90) are located the garage, the service units, as well as the recreation area – a swimming pool, a sauna, a winter garden and a gym. At level 0 (elevation ± 0.00) is designed a ground parking space on reinforced grass (PVC car park). At the same elevation is designed the open plan kitchenliving room -a kitchen, a dining room, a living room, as well as a sanitary unit. The kitchen and the dining room are connected, as well as the dining area and the living room. The living room has large southern facing windows that provide a wonderful view to Vitosha Mountain.

At Level 0 (elevation +3.20), are located 4 bedrooms, one of which is the master bedroom, facing north direction. It is designed with a separate bathroom, a walk-in closet, a fireplace and a terrace. The French windows provide a panoramic view of Sofia city to the north. The other 3 bedrooms have a shared bathroom and a shared south-facing terrace. At the top Level +2 (elevation +6.10) there is a recreation area, a fireplace and a study. The architectural design of the top level provides maximum light and the windows are positioned on each side, which reveals the beautiful panoramic views.

The roofs are with slight slopes (9%) and are covered with profiled sheet with polyester anti-corrosion coating. The rainwater drainage of the facade is made with gutters and rainwater pipes.

TFA 761.00 sq. m (regulated)

FA 190.00 sq. m

Density 24.9%

Living area 600. 00 sq. m

F.A.R. 0.79

Landscaping 457.2 sq. (60%)

Cornice elevation 8.5m *