Studio ATM


In terms of functionality the building is designed on an area comprising three floors/zones/ - an underground floor and two floors above the ground floor. The three floors are connected by a double staircase, built in the southwestern part of the house.

The underground floor includes a spa area, a fitness room, a four-car underground garage, a boiler room, a diesel generator and service rooms.

On the ground floor there is a spacious living area, including a living room, a kitchen and a dining area, developed along the outdoor terrace, facing east where a yard is built. The three day-zones are overflowing with each other and, through extensive glass windows, are visually connected to the eastern yard. The entrance hall with a wardrobe, the bathroom and the guest bedroom are facing west. In front of the entrance there is an entrance staircase with four steps,and a portico.

On the second floor there is a "night" area comprising three bedrooms, each with a separate bathroom. On the western side of the second floor, above the central entrance, are located a small office and a laundry room. The bedrooms are located adjacent to a small living area and a large balcony on the eastern facade. The master bedroom has a separate wardrobe room.

In terms of architectural design, the building has no bay windows. Symmetric columns mark the main entrance of the house. The synergy effect of the location solution of the building and the shape of the construction volume is achieved by combining the functionality of the house with the specific character of the terrainslope and the favorable south direction. The main purpose of the architectural solution is to ensure the smooth transition from the living room area to the terrace, as well as to find the optimum position of the building on the plot, in order an area of a large spacious yard to be obtained. The architectural approach towards the design of the facades follows the requirements of the client - Neoclassical style - solid and solemn. The basic techniques applied are symmetry and rhythm. The facade relief is achieved by the application of stone friezes around all the openings. The friezes correspond to the floor slabs and highlight the horizontal line of the building. Modern materials are used to emphasize the modern architecture aspects: simple metal railings, sheet metal roof and clear lines of the friezes and capitols that reflect the contemporary nature of the project design.

During the preparation of the project, the main focus has been put on energy efficiency of the building in regard to current and possible future international energy efficiency standards.