Studio ATM


The plot is a regulated landed property I - 814, located on110, Bulgaria Blvd., zone 85, district "Manastirski Livadi"- west, Sofia,with parameters specified in the full planning permission (FPP).

The plot of this mixed-use type building allows only one building construction among the existing buildings,so the whole architectural ensemble on Bulgaria Blvd. in the section between T. Kableshkov Blvd. and the Ring Road, Sofia is completed.

It is a 7-storey building with an elevation -cornice + 22.50 m and attic space with a ridge height at the 'collar' of 4.50 m with a slope grade of 45 ° and elevation + 27.00m.

In terms of the architectural design aspect, the building comprises three sections and a connection to each of them: underground premises with underground garages and basements, semi-underground facility with parking lots and shops, a ground floor with shops and offices, a residential area, office premises and studios on terraced slopes.

The access to the shops from Bulgaria Blvd. is realized with a staircase system, connecting the two levels of the shops. An elevator for the disabled people is provided on each floor.

The main accommodations are facing east - west and south directions, and the design matches the neighboring buildings distance requirements. The studios are situated in the zones, facing northeast – northwest direction.

A basement is provided for each of the accommodations. Most of the accommodations are provided with in-built storages.

The architectural design of the project meets the requirements of the investor for creation of optimal harmony between architectural appearance and its integration in the building environment, and best functionality of the accommodations.

The construction is beamless and the partition walls in the internal space are made of double plasterboard with mineral wool filling, which in terms of installations, is an excellent architectural solution that allows flexible planning of all the accommodations.

The facade and partition walls between the apartments are made of thick four-side bricks, the window systems are aluminum, also on the ground floor, and the terraces feature a modern functional design - frost-resistant slabs, stylish terrace covering and drainage elements. The roof is flat and the drainage system is built-in, drainage funnels are installedboth on the roof and the terraces. Metal shadows are installed on the top floors.

The total architectural design solution is a perfect combination of external expression of the design concept and the internal organization of the structures and accommodations, and meets all the criteria of prestigious vision and construction requirements.

Functional type:

Residential and Office Building




Sofia, Bulgaria Blvd. 110


Project delivered


FA - 2400.00 sq. m

TFA - 25,562.10 sq. m