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The apart hotel is situated on the main road to the town of Razlog. It has a very favorable locationin relation to itsdistance to the town of Razlog and the town of Bansko and also the ski runs and facilities in both towns during the winter season.Another advantage is the golf complexnear the property and the beautiful countryside suitable forlong walks and scenic road trips. The area is a preferred holiday destination because of the picturesque scenery and panoramic view of thePirin Mountains and its highest peak Vihren. The terrain has slight slopes and provideseasy access to the property. There are both underground and ground parking lots with enough parking spaces for guests.

The unique design of the complex matches the mountain character of the area. The architectural styleprovides tranquility and the open space panoramic view creates a feeling of peace. Accordingly, the design solution focus is on avoiding any heavy volumes, and each facade is shaped with clear details, natural materials, appropriatevertical and horizontal composition of the facade and panoramic windows. Moreover, the building complex stands out with its impressive exterior design whichenhances the artistic accent of the town-planning on the territory of the whole region.

The building consists of two structures connected to each other with a communication section. Eachstructure comprises a ground floor, four floors and an attic, and has a modern interior organization that providesmultifunctional design and optimal facility layout:

• recreation and recovery area

• residential area

• entertainment rea

• office area

• utility area

The design of the residential area offers wide range of optionsto the owners - each apartment can be bought, rented or hired. Each apartment has a bathroom, a built-in water meter, a heat meter and an electricity meter, and there are options for air conditioners, etc. This provides maximum flexibility in the property management. Owners, as well as guests, can enjoy a pleasant holidayduring allseasons of the year or consider making their apartment a permanent living place. The entertainment and recreation areas offer additional benefits and make every choice ofholiday in the building complex a perfect holiday.

Functional type:

Apart Hotel






Project delivered


FA – 975.82 sq.m
TFA – 6181.01 sq.m