Studio ATM


The Repair and Modernization Project of the “Bulgarian Army Stadium”includestotalmodernization of the existing sports complex in the Borisova Garden without any remodeling and changes in the configuration of the complex. The planned works in the project areconducted in full compliance with the current legislation in the Republic of Bulgaria as well as with the FIFA Football Stadiums - Technical recommendations and requirements" -5th Edition 2011.

The main architectural design solutions include the following repair and construction works:

- Construction of additional 6 seating rows in order the number of seatsto be increased- from 22,080 to 28,400 seats, including 1320 VIP and VIP seats and lodges;

- The number of the seating rows will be increased by lowering the football fieldlevel by 2,40 m;

- Construction of an entirely new football field with a grass cover 125x85 (105x68) m;

- Construction of an additional football field13x72m (90x50) m;

- Construction of two mini-footballfields 54x30 (58x34) m;

- Construction of two tennis courts 11х36 m;

- Replacement of the seats;

- Design of lodges, VIP zones, TV studios and press venues;

- Major reconstruction works of the sports facilities in sector A: a dressingroom for the players, dressing roomsfor judgesand duty delegates; administration area; security, police and attendant’s area, a medical and recovery center, a doping control station, etc.;

- Installation of a new information board and sound system;

- A grandstand, covering at least 90% of seating areas;

- Reconstruction of the existing sanitary units for viewers and a construction of new ones;

- Construction of commercial pavilions; shops and restaurants

- A construction of covered parking lot for 800 cars;

-An outdoor parking lot for 120 cars and 15 buses;