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The sports complex is designed in response tothe further development concept of the old sports hall "Diana" and is located in the eastern section of the plot. The complex includes several basic units that are constructed in three consecutive phases during the construction process.

3.1 Reconstruction and renovation works of the old sports hall are handled without the main supporting structure being affected. The main functions of the sports hall will mainly include training sessions and hosting local sports events with small audience capacity (up to 900 seats). The facadesandthe interior will be renovated to be achieved a distinctive and modern look of the building. Some of the utility units will be rebuilt and connected to the training unit of the new sports hall.

3.2 The training-rehabilitation unit

The training unit is located in the warm connection section between the old building and the new one. The training rooms and halls in the northern section of the old sports hall will serve as a basis for the construction works. The location of the two training rooms remains the same, as well as their functions after a replacement of the interior elements. The serviceunitswill be rebuilt without execution of any structural changes. A new sports hall will be built, an additional training hall, a gym and a rehabilitation unit. They will be directly connected to the training unit of the old sports hall via a lobby- a warm connection section.

3.3 The new multifunctional sports hall

The main structural element of the design of the sports complex is the new multifunctional sports hall with a capacity of 3500 seats, located to the north of the old sports hall.

The playing ground has a sizeof 60X34 meters and its long side is oriented at 21 degrees deviation from the North-South axis. The new playground fieldaxis orientationfollows the playground field of the old sports hall. The functionality and capacity of the playing field is suitable forhosting concerts, show performances and conferences.

The seats are located onthe foursides of the playing ground.The fixed stands have a capacity of 2500 seats and the retractablestandshave a capacity of 1000 seats.

The access to the sports hall for the audience is provided via the eastern and western facades at level 0,00 from the adjacent terrain and via the northern facade at elevation+4,40 from the pedestrian bridge section to Dimitar Blagoev Blvd. Accordingly, the lobbies are positionedto form a ring around the sports hall at elevation of 0.00 and +4.40.

In the southern section of the old building in the warm connection section that links it to the new sports hall is positioned a conference unit with a room for simultaneous translation and soundfacilities. Oppositethe conference unit is located the "Museum of the Sports Glory of the city of Yambol".

3.4 Pedestrian bridge

The project includes a construction of a pedestrian bridge connecting Dimitar Blagoev Blvd. and elevation +4.40 in the new hall. The purpose of the bridge is to be provided a direct pedestrian connection between Dimitar Blagoev Blvd. (and a single stop area for public transport) and the northern entrance of the sports hall. The bridge connection is located on the newly built overground parking lot. The foundations of the bridge arepositioned on the underground parking lot.

3.5 Underground parking

The underground parking lot is located between the new sports hall and Dimitar Blagoev Blvd. The total area of ​​the underground parking is 4000 sq.m. and has a capacity of 140 parking spaces. The access from the underground parking lot to the sports hall is providedvia two (for visitors and athletes) direct staircasesand an elevator. Due to the overbudgeting of the project, because of the construction of the underground parking,during the next stages of the project management,any available parking space in the adjacent central urban areas is to be explored according to Article 43 (2) of the Law on Territory Planning and/or Article 24(4) of Ordinance 4/02 for Planning and Design of Communication and Transport Systems of Urban Areas ".

3.6 Overground parking and service roads

The overground parking will be provided via the existing parking areas and a newly built parking lot at the northern side of the new building, between the building and Dimitar Blagoev Blvd. All parking areas have access to the street from Dimitar Blagoev Blvd., along the eastern part of the complex.

3.7 Surrounding area

The surrounding area of ​​the sports hall will include new paved area and landscaping. The existing trees will be placed within the plot according to the project – section "Park and Public Works". Urban furniture will be also placed: benches, litter bins, lighting, fountains and grassland areas.