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Repair and modernization of the “Bulgarian Army” stadium

1. Main project objectives:

The main objective of the project is the existing cinema theatre to beconverted into a new multipurpose sports hall and renovatedso thatit can benefit from the full capacity of the cinema theatre building.

The reconstruction does not imply any major changes concerning the town planning aspect. The cinema hall will be converted into a multipurpose sports hall and the administrative unit will be converted into atraining unit with training rooms and administration offices.

The project includesreplacement of the existing roof coverings and construction of a new urban art gallery with a light metal structure and panoramic windows facing the city square. The administration unitof the sports hall will be provided with an independent access to the art gallery via a separate entrance.

2. Functional characteristics of the project proposal:

The project proposal for the reconstruction follows the main functional and compositional features of the existing building. The building remains "conditionally divided" into two parts –an administrative unit and a sports hall unit.

2.1. Sports hall unit:

The sports hall unit includes the cinema hall, the lobby and the service units, which will be reconstructed and converted into a new functional unit - a multifunctional sports hall. The main entrance, the lobby and the sports hall are located following theeast-west axis. The lobby is located across the axis and the hall is located along the axis.

The access to the sports hall is via the lobby located below the administrative unit. On the western side of the lobby is located the ticket box area leading to the main entrance. Onits easternside the lobby borders the sports hall. The access to the sports hall is via two double doors located on both sides of the sports hall. In the lobby are provided a wardrobe, a medical unit and toilets for visitors. On the north side of the lobbyis located a café with a "sportsvision". It is connected to the lobby via a glass window. From the western facade a direct access is provided to thecaféwhich allows it to function as an independent unit.

The amphitheater will be removed and a new horizontal concrete slab will be applied at elevation -1.20 m. The playing field features dimensions of 15.74X23.20 m, and height of 8.40 m which allows regional volleyball and badminton tournaments to be hosted. A wide range of training activities can be held on the playing field, including the following sports: volleyball, badminton, tennis, basketball and many more.

On the west side,next to the lobby entrances, in the existing lodge,are located the stands featuring 76 seats -single seats. On the eastern side, on the place of the cinema stage, are located stands with approximately 90 bench seats. On the western side, at level +4,16, there is a VIP lodge with access from the administration unit on the place of the old cinema equipment room. The evacuation exits of the sports hall are the exits leading to the lobby and to the playing field. The sports hall is provided with a two-level "sports equipment storage" unit, builton the place of the utility unit in the northeastern section.

On the southern side of the sports hall is located the dressing room unit. It comprises dressing rooms for two teams. The dressing room unitis provided with a separate entranceon the southern facade in the place of the exits of the old cinema hall andnext to them is located the old "Club of Diabetics" with separate entrance from the southern facade.

2.2. Floor area:

The floor area includes the first and second floors above the lobby. The entrances are from the southern facade and a staircase. An elevatorwill be built next to the staircase to provide an easy access forpeople with reduced mobility.

The project concept includes a training unit on the first floor with three training rooms and common dressing rooms and toilets. On the first floor is also located a direct access to the VIP lodge, facing the sports hall. The terracenext to the staircase will be renovated with glazing and willbe equipped to serve as a sports room.

On the second floor are located the administration unit and the coaches’ rooms.

2.3. Roof Gallery:

The project includesa construction of a roof gallery above the floor area. The existing roof will be replaced with a new steel roof. The access to the art gallery will be through the staircase and the elevator on the floor area. An evacuation staircase will be built on the northern facade. The gallery unit will host an urban art gallery and a gallery for modern art.

3. Architectural solutions of the project proposal:

The project aims atkeeping the architectural appearance of the existing building and renovating it by replacement of the facade plaster and installation ofnew window systems. The design concept focusses on a solution ensuring that allof the new units and elements will have a distinctly modern look to fit into the old building which will be achieved by the application of the "Contrast Principle". A structural design will be applied to the roof - the two pitched roof constructionswill be replaced with a steel roof construction with a cylindrical shape - cylindrical profiled sheet metal. The terrace over the dressing rooms will be reconstructed with a roof and glazing systems and equipped as a sports room for table tennis and darts. In front of the main entrance and the southern entrances (on the floor area and the changing roomunit’s area) newsteel, glass and perforated sheetsgrandstands will be built. The new southern grandstand will highlight the new function of the southern entrances designed to provide access to the art gallery, the training area and the administration unit.

4. Adjacent area:

The project includes rehabilitation of the surrounding areaafter the reconstruction of the hall. All lighting fixtures will be replaced and new benches, litter bins and other urban elements will be placed. The grass areas will keep the same configuration, but their level will be reduced to the ground level. In architectural terms, the main entrances and the southern entrances will be considerably highlighted due to their new vision.

The parking facilities will include the area of ​​the existing parking lot on San Stefano Street.This will be achieved byreplacingthe ground covering andextension to the North parking lot with 5 parking spaces. New ground markings and limiting elementswill be placed. The sports hall has a built-up area of ​​470 sq.m. and 166 seats for viewers. Therefore, the required number of parking spaces is 20. There is also a possibility of 32 parking spaces on San Stefano Str.