Studio ATM

Ourcompany philosophy

Our approachto providing architectural design solutions implies a purposeful search and realization of ideas so the concept we adopt in our creative work is that we always find the best solution to turn an imaginaryarchitectural object intoa realarchitectural object. It is embedded in the whole process: from the birth of an idea and inspiration, a preliminary study, a flair for design, a journey through the conscious artistic and architectural-functional search, and finally thecompletion of the project. We know that every great achievement in the field of architectural design speaks for itself.

By using natural materials inthe treatment of spaces and volumes we not only apply environmentally friendly approach in our work but alsocreate comfort and unique atmosphere for our clientsto make them feel close to the nature. The architectural solution in the process of creating functional balance and unique appearanceaims atachieving optimal solutions and findingthe best opportunities for realization ofprojects that meet requirements of high standards.

Our philosophy of achievingharmonyof individual structural shapes, materials and spaces plays animportant role in avoidingany imbalance in the creation of the aesthetics and specific vision of each individual object.

We pay special attention to implementation of advanced technologies in the construction process to ensure high quality and effective realization of our projects,including maximum presence of the nature in the landscaping as it is an important part of the overall concept.

ATM Design Studio strives to offer complex solutions for total and individual architecturaldesign, as well as, if necessary, provision of information and relevant strategy, marketing solutions and a PR concept.

And last but not least, at our design studio our design team benefits from the right choice of an appropriate licensed software.We use Allplan/Nemetschek software, developed for the needs of the construction business,which expands the range ofdesign solutions, provides a three-dimensional visualization, gives the details of the projects, andprovidescomplete freedom of choice and accuracy in organizing large-scale investment projects.